UPDATE: June 2011 - Reading Cinderella stories (Prince Cinders, Dogerella, Cinderbottom - Cindy Ellen - the Downtrodden Cowgirl, etc.) and writing individual stories. See how: And another "how"

UPDATE: May 2011 - Mock Trial - combination video and animation - The Trial of A. Wolf (A is for Alexander - that's why it's capitalized in a title) Here is the script:
Watch the video below.

UPDATE: February 8, 2011 - Reading and analyzing The Three Little Pigs,
including a French version, the Wolf's side of the story, and another twist on it.
Download our super-simplified French version here:

Making puppets, learning the legal system, and performing mock trials.


Hey everyone - we're writing two ALL-NEW versions of Goldilocks.

Goldilocks in New Jersey (published)

Download for Free:
or [[#|Purchase]] at cost with cover from Lulu for $7.99Goldilocks in New Jersey

Goldilocks in [[#|Disneyland]]

Download for [[#|Free]]:


Famous Fairy Tales


Fairy Tale Mad-Libs

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Mock Trials