Immigration/Taking Oral Histories
Identify a country connected to your heritage (or, if none interests you, choose a different one)
Find a relative or another person whose family has immigrated to the US from that country, and request permission to interview that person.
Develop a list of questions that will produce an interesting and informative story.
Interview that person and write down what they say.
Report orally back to the class.

Library and Internet Research
Find out about the country you have chosen. Use books and internet.
Create a file on your Z: drive to store your pictures, maps, flags, etc. in.

Wiki Work
Create a page on about the country and the immigration story you obtained from your interview. Use multimedia and Web 2.0 tools such as Voki, Prezi, Voicethread, or other interactive media.
Your page should be more than just a list of facts and paragraphs. It should leave viewers with a feeling of having seen some of the country. It could include the following:
Flag – (picture, explanation)
Money (picture of some of the money, name of it, exchange rate to US$)
Capital (name and picture)
Map (showing location and some major cities)
Food (pictures, descriptions, recipes, etc.)
Pictures of interesting places with explanations about them
Songs (mp3 files or other player, lyrics)
Samples of the language, preferably with sound

Wiki Work (continued)
Write an interesting story about the person you interviewed. Edit and share your story. Revise it as needed. Add illustrations if you can.

Conflict Resolution
Identify an important military event in the country.
List the people and groups involved, and the causes.
Research one person involved and keep a journal that this person could have written.
Think about how the conflict could have been avoided. What would have happened if different choices had been made, or different actions taken?

__Clay Animation__
Choose one short event in either the immigration story or the military conflict.
Create a story board.
Create a clay model of the person or persons involved.
Create scenery for backdrop.
Shoot pictures and put into slideshow.
Post the slideshow on your website.