Students' assignment was to animate a scene from a book they had read or a story they had written. Some chose to use background music, and some chose not to. Some chose to spend more time creating their characters and scenery, and some chose to spend more time on the technology aspect of the video. I think they all had fun and learned something new.

That Guy by Tyler S.

Percy vs. the Gorgons by Adam Y.

Amber Millington by Alexis S. & Nadia C.

Trading Faces also by Alexis S. & Nadia C

Titanic by Andrew D.

Harry Potter by Julia D.

Red Pyramid and the Rosetta Stone also by Julia D.

The Simpsons - Great Donut Tragedy by Julian M.

Angry Birds vs. Pigs also by Julian M.

Polar Bear vs. Arctic Wolf also by Julian M.

Nobody's Princess by Megan G.

Minotaur Bowling by William G.

Percy Jackson - The Lost Chapter by Ben H.