CLAYMATION 2011-2012
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5th Grade
GT/Project Upgrade
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After a few weeks of learning the basics of clay animation, designing backgrounds, and forming characters and props, students are starting blogging/journaling their progress on this site. Their assignment is to animate at least two scenes from either a book they are reading or a story they are writing. They will take still shots of their characters, and import them into Windows Movie Maker, then edit to create a finished project. The student pages section is password-protected, and open only to participants, parents, and district administrative, instructional, and support staff.

Decided to start off with this right away this year, and spend more time on it, because that's the part that the kids are the most interested in. Here are the demos we've made so far: and

The final video made by each student will be about a topic of their choice - two scenes from either a book they are reading, a story they have written, or something from their own international heritage. Check back for progress and the final result.

You can see last year's project here: 5th Grade Claymation Video Timeline - 2010-2011

(Students researched a historical figure from their family's country of origin, and animated one scene from that person's life.)

How many pictures do you think it takes to create a 30-second animation?